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About PolarXP, the Leader in Food Logistics

With our temperature-controlled logistics infrastructure, we made it easier for companies in the food sector to reach all over Turkey and became the meeting point for their logistics needs.


Who Are We?

In 2009, we were born to fill a big gap in the Turkish food sector and to introduce cold chain logistics to our country.

The very first day we started our business, we knew that we were going to radically change everything. Today, we are proud to be recognized as the leading temperature-controlled logistics service provider in Turkey, which carries out temperature-controlled food storage, transportation and distribution activities and offers quality, reliable and profitable solution partnership with the technologies we use.


As PolarXP, we ensure that the products of hundreds of national and international food brands maintain their freshness in our temperature-controlled warehouses, and with our unique distribution network, we deliver to 65% of Turkey's population on the same day, 30% on the 2nd day and the remaining 5% on the 3rd day. As PolarXP, we are growing the cool, cold and frozen food production and sales ecosystem in Turkey with the logistics and distribution infrastructure we have created. We enjoy the peace of mind of delivering longer-lasting and healthier food products stored in more hygienic conditions to your consumers.

We work not only for ourselves, but also to add value to our customers and our country.


What Do We Do?

Temperature Controlled Transportation

We receive your shipments as if they were our own products and deliver them in the ideal temperature regime by reaching all 81 provinces every day with our specially designed temperature-controlled vehicles. Thanks to our extensive and scheduled distribution network, we deliver your products at the promised time.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Serving in 3 main temperature categories, our food warehouses store your products in the most ideal regime, with the right products and with the understanding of error-free order preparation, and we do not compromise on quality and hygiene standards.

Value Added Services

We prevent our customers from wasting time, money and effort with our value-added services beyond logistics for food products that need to be kept in temperature-controlled storage.

Our Values

Becoming an Educator

As the company that defined the temperature-controlled logistics sector in Turkey, we have taken it upon ourselves to raise awareness of our customers, employees and end consumers about temperature-controlled food consumption and human health.

Being Honest

We do whatever it takes to remain honest and loyal to the end of every agreement we make with our customers. We keep our promises from the beginning to the end with integrity.

Being Trustworthy

We do business with all our customers within the framework of ethical rules. We conduct all our business in a transparent, sharing and open manner, and we cooperate with companies that care about food safety and consumer health.

Becoming a Team

We are part of the same team, both our customers and our employees. Each PolarXP employee understands their customer and works in harmony to provide the right solution. We always know that we can learn more from each other, from our customers and from our communities.

Responding to all your logistics needs 


we are a team of one.

PolarXP is a Netlog Logistics Company.

We are working to take your business one step further with all our know-how.

Netlog Logistics was founded in 2003 by Şahap Çak, who has 35 years of experience in the logistics sector. In 2010, Netlog became the largest logistics company in Turkey and was the fastest growing company in all sectors for 8 years.

Making a difference with its innovative and integrated logistics solutions in the food, textile, fashion, merchandising, retail, automotive and industrial products sectors, Netlog has realized firsts in many sectors it serves and played a role in the growth of the sectors. Today, with over 12,000 employees from 29 different nationalities, a total of 1.4 million m2 of closed warehouse space managed in 6 countries on 3 continents, 78 warehouses in total and over 4,000 self-owned transportation vehicles, Netlog has become the business partner of Turkish companies not only domestically but also abroad.

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