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Our Temperature Controlled Storage Infrastructure

Provide same-day delivery to your customers from warehouses located in 20 of Turkey's largest consumption and production cities.




Temperature Controlled Self-Owned Fleet


Temperature Controlled Warehouse


Pallet Stocking
(Frozen, Cold and Cool)


Temperature Controlled Storage

Our temperature-controlled warehouses designed in accordance with world standards ensure that your products are kept in the right conditions.

Storing food products at the right temperature guarantees their freshness and human health. Your products do not lose their taste and their vitamin and mineral values are preserved. In short, when it comes to human health, you can't leave anything to chance.


Serving in 3 main temperature categories, our temperature-controlled warehouses are specially designed for the hygiene standards and ideal regime your products need. Thus, products that need to be stored in different regimes never come side by side. Advanced storage technologies are used in our warehouses, which are constantly inspected by our food engineers. The temperature of the products is monitored with traceable technologies and is under control at all times.


With a total of 130,000 m² of temperature-controlled storage space located in 21 carefully selected strategic cities close to Turkey's production and consumption centers and our services for the entire food industry, we provide the infrastructure for over 1,200 customers to reach all of Turkey in 24 hours


We use many different technologies for faster and more organized storage.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

All warehouse and X-Dock operations within PolarXP are carried out through AxataWM Warehouse Management System. DYS (Warehouse Management System) is a dynamic system designed to manage all operations performed in warehouses in real time; it enables error-free, fast and paperless transactions with minimum resources.

  • FIFO, FEFO, Customer Specific FIFO and Area Control

  • Fast and Accurate Entry/Acceptance, Placement and Collection Operations with Barcode Usage

  • Fast and Accurate Classification with Advanced Counting Algorithms

  • 99.99% Accuracy in Inventory

  • Traceability and Performance Management of Products in All Processes

Thanks to our experience and know-how in the sector, we use advanced automation tools in all our warehouses and manage your operations with the highest efficiency, saving time and space. Considering the logistics requirements of our customers, we set up all our storage areas in locations that will speed up all stages of your shipments and provide just-in-time delivery assurance. In short, we provide services at hygiene and quality standards that meet end-consumer expectations.

Warehouse Technologies

Hundreds of thousands of SKUs, 20 warehouses, 3 temperature regimes, tens of thousands of orders prepared daily. How do we do it?

We host thousands of products from many well-known food brands in Turkey and around the world.

  • We manage more than 100,000 pallets of products from over 600 customers in FEFO standards by storing them in cool, cold and frozen temperature regimes in our warehouses scattered all over Turkey.

    Temperature Controlled Storage Services

    • Inventory Management

    • Barcoding and Labeling

    • Palletizing / Repalletizing

    • Pick & Pack (Handling)

    • Destruction

    Temperature Controlled Warehouse Types

    • Central (Main) Warehouses

    • Transfer Centers

    • Dedicated (Single Customer) Warehouses

    • Multi-User Warehouses

    • Bonded Warehouses

  • PolarXP receives your products that need to be delivered to many different distribution points from your production point or factory and brings them to the transfer centers it manages. In these centers, they are sorted according to the vehicles that will go to the distribution centers suitable for the final distribution point and delivered to the PolarXP system, which is the only distribution network that can reach every point in Turkey at all temperatures. In this way, your products reach all over Turkey within 24 to 48 hours.

  • In Turkey, bonded temperature-controlled warehouses usually consist of fictitious warehouses opened by importers and manufacturers for themselves. PolarXP owns two of the very few temperature-controlled bonded warehouses in Turkey, which are operated by 3PLs.

  • The needs of each sector or even company may be different from each other. Naturally, so are value-added service expectations. From promotional product management to semi-production, from labeling and barcoding to packaging, we customize your load to meet different market requirements. By expanding your product range, we help you offer more choice to your customers, while we continue to design solutions tailored to our customers' needs with the experience and know-how we have gained from various industries.



    Here are the capabilities we have developed for you;

    • Product Shocking

    • Re-Rating

    • Product Assembly and Packaging

    • Kit Creation

    • In-House Laboratory and Quality Tests

  • We use the world's most preferred fire-resistant Kingspan panels on the roofs of all our warehouses.

  • Our warehouse walls contain special fire resistant polyurethane and consist of two layer surfaces covering the intermediate layer.

  • We use 5 cm thick foam boards for underfloor insulation to ensure consistency in room temperatures and to prevent heat loss.

  • On the floors of our warehouses, C30 cement with a thickness of 20 cm between 11 mm in double layer is used.

  • We create 10 m product delivery areas to ensure temperature reduction in our warehouses. By separating the delivery and transportation zone from the storage area, we achieve better humidity control.

  • We position our cooling units outside our warehouses.

  • We use humidity control and cooling systems in combination under the same roof.

  • Hydraulic dock lifts are mounted in pits with air seals so that forklifts can enter directly into the vehicles.

  • Tank heat levels are managed and controlled from a centralized system. The mechanism with a 24/7 automatic monitoring system triggers an alarm in case of malfunction. Relevant people and offices are informed via SMS and phone.

  • A large warehouse is controlled by approximately 64 temperature and humidity controllers.

  • The cold rooms are separated from the main structure of the building by 20 cm thick panels. This provides a more powerful cooling system.

  • The cold rooms are separated from the main structure of the building by 20 cm thick panels. This provides a more powerful cooling system.

  • The forklift charging areas are located in a dedicated area separate from our customers' products. Surrounded by a brick wall, this room has a separate air ventilation system and a carbon fire extinguishing system.

  • Our warehouses have 3 x 750 kwh generator sets to ensure sustainability. In addition, 2-ton fuel tanks are located more than 50m away from our warehouses to be used in case of longer power outages.

Warehouse Features

All PolarXP warehouses are built according to world standards.

Consumer health and food safety is PolarXP's raison d'être. We build our warehouses to the highest possible standards so that the different temperature regimes in the warehouses can be kept at the right levels, while ensuring the most effective use of energy possible and a safe working environment for employees.

PolarXP İletişim

How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how we can solve your temperature-controlled logistics needs.

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