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Temperature Controlled Fleet


Temperature Controlled Warehouse


Pallet Stocking
(Frozen, Cold and Cool)


Temp. Controlled Warehouse area


Daily Delivery to Locations

Welcome to PolarXP. Turkey’s pioneer in temperature controlled food logistics

We manage the on-time and damage free delivery of hundreds of thousants of food products daily to all of the 81 cities within Turkey. We do this through our 20 strategically located temperature controlled warehouses across the country. Today, PolarXP is by far the largest, most advanced and prefered temperature controlled food logistics company in Turkey.

Turkey's Cold Chain Logistics Leader

Gıda Üreticileri için Isı Kontrollü Lojistik


It is our job to manage the entire supply chain process of your products from the field to the production line, from the production line to the end consumer.

Gıda Perakendecileri için Isı Kontrollü Lojistik
HORECA için Isı Kontrollü Lojistik
Gıda İthalatçıları için Isı Kontrollü Lojistik


We are the reliable solution partner of local and chain markets with our turnkey solutions.



We serve hotels, restaurants and cafes with Turkey's most comprehensive cold chain distribution system.



Wherever in the world the product you want is located, we find and supply it, complete all the transactions and deliver it to you under the most ideal conditions.


Discover Our Tailor-made Solutions For Your Business

Find out how we can add value to your supply chain through our turn key solutions for different categories within the food sector.


Gain an advantage over the competition with the superior infrastructure that PolarXP offers you.

PolarXP Modern Taşıma Ekipmanları

Modern Transportation Equipment

We manage by far the largest and most technological temperature-controlled vehicle park in Turkey.

PolarXP Entegre Isı Takip Sistemi

Integrated Heat Monitoring System

In all of our operations, we instantly monitor that products are transported and stored in the ideal temperature regime.

PolarXP Sorumluluk Sahibi Şoförleri

Our Responsible Drivers

We train our drivers on the importance of the food they carry for human health.

PolarXP 7/24 Araç Takibi

7/24 Vehicle Tracking

We monitor the real-time location of our vehicles 7/24 with the GPS system.

PolarXP Eğitimli ve Uzman Kadrosu

Trained and Expert Staff

As all PolarXP employees, we undergo trainings specially designed for cold chain logistics.

PolarXP Size Özel Temsilci

Personalized Representative

With our customer service team, we add value to your business in all your temperature-controlled logistics processes.

PolarXP Şubeler ve Depolar

Branches and Warehouses

With a total of 130,000 m² of temperature-controlled warehousing space located in 20 strategic cities and services for the entire food industry, we ensure that over 1,200 of our customers can reach Turkey in 24 hours.


With our 3-tier distribution network, we have connected all cities in Turkey.

PolarXP İletişim

How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how we can solve your temperature-controlled logistics needs.

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